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Passerine Dining Chair

Passerine Dining Chair

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The word “Passerine” is defined by birds species that perch. The unique joinery of the backrest looks like it is perched on metal branches.

The approach to the chair design is for it to be sustainable and durable. This meant that materials, the system and processes had to be perlustrated. And the end result was a design that bears unassuming characteristics, with a bit of that modern charm. And to really appreciate the chair, it had to be more than visual, with haptics, tumbled texture of the premium leather, the knurling on the fittings, and the weight. The chair is more than just a well-balanced form, there is also the beauty in its honest materials and its pragmatic utility.


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Its materials and construction techniques are familiar, done with finesse and precision. Uncoated stainless steels that are lathed, bent and knurled. The backrest and seat are made from bent ply. Latex cushions upholstered with leather. All of which are materials and processes that are durable and have a lower impact on the environment compared to other alternatives, with no harsh chemical treatments or unnecessary use of plastic. Future-proofed for a lifetime of use and peace of mind.


52.5w x 48.5D x 80H (cm)

Seat Height: 45cm


Stainless steel


Genuine Leather


Amos Goh


Cellulose & Coconut Husk


11mm by 7mm by 2cm

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