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Motivated by a vision of a bright future for our people and planet. We design and provide general home goods that both improve lifestyle and redefine wants/needs through cutting-edge innovation and good design. We are not about supply and demand, but about lifestyle and mindful consumption. We partner with like-minded and innovative companies to design and develop high-quality products for better living.

Sustainability is not just a way of life but the core of how we make decisions

We strive for a sustainable future and inspire positive lifestyles that are simple, intentional, and beautiful.

We aim to make products that inspire people to stay in touch with nature and preserve its bounty by encouraging people to be a little more aware of our beautiful world and have a thanksgiving approach to everyday living.

The Symbol

Bulbul birds evoke a calming memory amongst many people living in Singapore and its neighbours in South-East Asia. A songbird prized for its beauty and chimes. There was once a simpler time when parks were filled with bird watchers and collectors.

Unfortunately some species were driven close to extinction. The brand uses Bulbul's endearing relationship with people as a representation and a reflection of its ethos.
Bulbul was established in the midst of the Covid pandemic and is driven by the passion for a sustainable and progressive way of life.

The 2 founding members are accomplished product designers with more than 10 years working on product and industrial designs. The like-minded pair took their post-graduate degree studies in subjects of design with emphasis in sustainability research.

Message from the founder

'We are a small and humble company with dreams of growing a collection of well-designed products that can change the way we make purchasing decisions. The environment and human consumption are very complicated subjects, but it is safe to say everything that we buy and use today can affect the future somehow. We hope for a world with real efforts from companies (big or small) to preserve the earth.'


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