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Large sized Air Purifier | Revitalizer/Revitalisor

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Revitalisor cleanses freshens and disinfects the air you breathe. Added botanical solutions with anti-bacterial and therapeutic properties help to neutralise odours bacteria fungi pollen and other air contaminants for a cleaner and safer environment.


► Removes Odour

► Eliminates airbourne bacteria and germs

► Reduces and control growth of fungi

► Purifies smoke and nicotine in the air

► Reduces airbourne allergens, dust and air contaminants

► Insect repellent when used with Bulbul's Lemongrass, Peppermint or Eucalyptus essential oils


► Suitable for all types of indoor spaces like homes, offices, gyms, spas and theatres

► Large capacity, suitable for big Spaces

► Non LED light, less distracting

► Bundle packages with Bulbul's Aromatherapy Concentrate available

► Type C plug - Suitable for Singapore Sockets

Use And Care Guide 

►Fill the Revitalisor with 1.5 liters of water till the water level is in between the Minimum and Maximum mark. 

►Add aromatherapy concentrate if required, for use in a small enclosed area e.g. air conditioned bedroom, allowing the user to familiarize themself with the fragrance. 

►Replace cover and switch ON Revitalisor. The fragrance effect will last about 4-6 hours, but the deodorizing, antibacterial & anti-fungal properties and "air scrubbing" properties will continue for 24 hours as long as the ►Revitalisor is switched ON. 

►Recommended to change to fresh water every 24 hours. 

►Used water can be used to water plants. 

Care And Maintenance of Revitalisor 

►Caution - Always disconnect the main cord from the electrical outlet before removing the Top Cover or whenever the equipment is not in use.

►Top Cover - if cleaning is required, use only a damp cloth or tissue to clean. 

►Bowl – to clean, empty water from the bowl, use detergent to clean, rinse with water and dry it before use. 

►Recommended to clean cone once a month or more if necessary by turning anti-clockwise to dismantle and place it back by clicking it clockwise.

►Caution - Do not mix the concentrates, use one concentrate at a time. 

►Caution - Do not submerge the Top Cover into water or wash under a running tap. 

►Caution - Do not use any chemicals to clean the equipment. Do not use any abrasive scrubber to scrub the equipment. 

►Caution - Do not overfill the bowl above the Maximum Mark