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Diatomite Large Rectangular Holder

Diatomite Large Rectangular Holder

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Moisture Absorption & Deodorising Homeware

Rectangular-shaped holder.
It is heavy enough to hold heavy utensils without tipping. Bulbul’s Diatomite holder will set you free from the hassle of washing holders.

You can use this as a single holder or together with the Double-Sided Tray in the toilet or kitchen area where you want to prevent water scale or mold.



Diatomite (USA; Food Grade), Elvan, Ilmenite, Zeolite and other minerals sourced from Korea.

Made in Korea

Care Information

Recommended to sun-dry every once in a while until it is fully dried and/or boil in water for 15~20 mins or microwave for 5~15 mins and dry.

* If you used the product for holding soap, boil it prior to the drying process as the soap can form thin oil layers which disrupts water absorption.

* In the occurrence of stubborn algae or stains, use fine-grit sandpaper to remove them.

Although It has strong water resistance property, product can mold if it is exposed under extreme humid conditions.

Other Useful information

Colour and weight may differ slightly depending on the design and size because of the make-up of the different minerals. Nevertheless, it is all from the same source.

The product may be powdery when you receive it because of the nature of the materials. Clean with a wet cloth before using.

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Diatomite Homeware


Diatomite is a natural material made from fossilised remains of single-cell algae.

It is highly porous at a molecular level which enables excellent water absorption among other benefits.

Made with 100% Diatoms & Natural Minerals

Bulbul’s diatomite homeware is made with only 100% natural materials and baked at high temperatures under a kiln. It is formed under high pressure without using harmful chemicals such as pulp or cement and baked at over 1,000 °F which forms the material’s hardness while eliminating any impurities.

  • Instant Water Absorption

    Diatomite’s porous structure helps regulate humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture in the air.

  • Prevent Water Scales & Mold

    99.9% antibacterial and fast drying properties help to prevent water scales and mold.

  • 100% Natural Minerals

    Made with only natural minerals with no artificial chemical compounds.

  • Permanent Use

    Made with natural materials, its property is permanent. Boiling in water and sun-dry to restore its properties.

  • Useful Even When Broken

    Broken parts can be reused as a dehumidifier.

  • Anti-odour

    Proven to eliminate Toluene,
    Formaldehyde and Ammonia odor.